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Providing Business with the Speed, Scale, and Agility Through Excellent Interactive Experiences, Integrations and Applications

Think Big Vision

Vision. We help you Think Big! We want you to Think Big. Even if just starting with a small part of your global domination goal, we can still see how we will get there, piece by piece, phase by phase. Your Big Vision, is what will drive planning, forecasting, marketing for the short and long term. It doesn't matter what the long term timeframe is, your Think Big Vision still drives it.

Follow the Money

The system runs the business. The people run the system. The faster you can enable your customers to engage with you, your products and your brand, the faster you will provide the best value you can – and that translates to revenue. The more efficiently your team can see, process, and respond to your key business information, the better your brand will present to your customers – and that translates to revenue. We work with your vision to create those systems to be the best, fastest, most efficient and most of all profitable for your people to run your business and present the best brand you can be.

Accelerate Development

Concept-to-Market can be an arduous thought process. For business that is new to Technical Audits and Workflow Process Analysis, mapping out the technical essence of your business needs to be thorough, accurate and expansive and can be especially daunting at first. 

iTristan Media Group leads you through the logic and experience of software level prototyping, thinking and execution from small-scale mini-application development to enterprise platform application architecture.

Your Business Lives, Breathes and Changes

Constant Improvement. There is no more standing still. Business needs to evolve constantly and improve constantly. Agility is not longer a concept for software engineers and gymnasts, it's for all of us. iTristan Media Group brings out the constant improvement in your process goals, your business objectives, your sales models and implements and creates technical methods your whole business can grow on, change with and create as you grow and improve.




The Speed, Scalability and Agility of Business will determine the winners and losers of the modern economy.

This is a lot bigger than shiny design and cool software. It's Strategic.

Since 1996, we have been building and innovating, researching and experimenting, launching, testing and rebuilding. Nearly 2 thousand projects in, we have become leaders at the intersection of design, marketing, financials, sales, data, workflow and systems.

We carefully weigh all disciplines of business management and operations with our clients bringing a thorough and well-considered understanding not only how your business represents itself to the world, but how your operation interacts with the world from your office, your warehouse, or from multiple locations, managers, stakeholders and distribution points.

After all, your real brand is not how you look to the world, but how you provide service and make the world feel about you. And that starts with how you conduct your own business, your own operations, to keep things moving. The quicker and more effectively you keep things flowing the better you respond to your customers' needs. And that is where you build your great brand. 

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iTMG's creative design skills enable them to meet demanding client requirements in new and innovative ways while keeping the project on budget and on time.

-- J.P.

iTMG is a joy to work with. Professional scope documents, flexible delivery specifications and a focus on satisfying their clients needs make them a joy to work with.

-- B.D.