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secure10 web http services are experiencing c :
2 months ago

ISSUE : secure10 services are experiencing intermittent speed and behaviour issues


UPDATE : Resolved

TIME to Resolve : resolved

UPDATED Scheduled Maintenance announcement for secure10 service Fri April 14 at 01:00ET/22:00PT :
2 weeks, 2 days ago

UPDATE MEMO to Data Services and SaaS clients on secure10

We are upgrading the support maintenance tasks being performaced for the secure10 service.

It will now happen overnight (off hours) on Friday Apr 14, 2017, between the hours of 01:00ET and 05:00ET and is expected to last approximately 2 hours.

This is a scheduled maintenance window now upgrading server performance and a significant hardware upgrade. This allows accounts to take much better advantage of newer speed capabilities in web server technologies in caching as well as providing the option for individual accounts to choose to use php7 over php5.6. 

This will provide some users a powerful ability to improve speed and responsiveness for more modern application capabilities. NEW: the updated maintenance tasks will now merge in future hardware upgrades that will allow higher peak demands.

The following data and SaaS services on secure10 :  

• VPS Data Server Hosting
• POS Integrated Commerce
• dbcEngine, Member Association and Franchise Website Management Systems
• Startup Programme for Web

will be affected during this time. This will not affect any other data hosting services, only secure10. 

The downtime is scheduled to be between the hours of 
• 01:00ET and 05:00ET overnight
• 2 hours downtime expected

During the outage website/mail/ftp or hosted application access to may be unavailable or unresponsive. 

Thank you,
your iTristan Media Group team

Catch us at the Franchise Association Conference! :
1 month ago

Catch us at the Franchise Association Conference this Apr 2-4 in Niagara Falls! We have been asked, as industry experts to facilitate a roundtable on taking a franchise toward a real omnichannel strategy at the upcoming Canadian Franchise Associate National convention in April 2017.


Jason Agouris, iTristan Media Group Inc.
Brands are going omni-channel whether we like it or not. Embrace it. Giving your customers the same delightful experience online is not only great business, it’s required. What are the first steps your brand should take to deliver a more seamless experience across channels? What are some must-haves for creating a positive online customer experience? This roundtable will offer up practical ideas for launching your brand towards omni-channel retail.

We encourage businesses looking to franchise, or who have already taken the leap and now are looking for the next step in growth, strategy and need exposure, finance and partners to help take the next step.

We will be discussing the fundamentals of an omnichannel strategy, what it means to go omnichannel for most business. Also how some business models may differ slightly in how their products and services reach their customers. Importantly, we'll be covering pitfalls to watch out for, how to make sure you, as the business operations and brand guardian can maintain the right kind of systems control while giving your franchise partners the freedom to get out there and increase sales.

Hope to see you there!

Visit for more on this fantastic event



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