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Support Notices

[iTMG] Internal Accounts Management System maintenance notice today from 15:00ET/12:00PT to 19:00ET/16:00PT :
4 weeks, 1 day ago

MEMO to all iTMG clients and affiliates

We are upgrading our internal Accounts Management System.

Starting this afternoon Monday May 29, 2017, between the hours of 15:00ET/12:00PT to 19:00ET/16:00PT and is expected to last approximately 2 hours or less.

This is a scheduled maintenance window upgrading our internal Accounts Management System (AMS) that performs ongoing data service accounts, billing, domain and affiliate account processes. This upgrade will add new security capabilities, account management and payment choices, as well as provide new under-the-hood capabilities allowing iTMG to offer even more powerful hosting platform choices (to be announced). 

This is an internal upgrade only and will not affect live production accounts, servers, SaaS or hosting platforms in any way. Access to accounts to review accounts, billing or make changes to domain name settings will be intermittently unavailable during this time but aservices themselves will, in no way be affected.

Thank you, 
your iTristan Media Group team

Email SPAM / Abuse Incident :
1 month, 1 week ago

Email SPAM / Abuse Incident Report and Review

This is a follow up review of a recent incident involving locally-compromised (hacked/infected) computers at an account holder's office that, in turn, resulted in a serious spam situation in our systems affecting our ability to deliver top quality service.

Spam and security filter policies have been re-revised as a result. What does this mean?

Bowing to pressure, historically, over time from clients who felt that filtering and sending policies were too strict for incoming and outgoing messages, restrictions had been slightly lessened. We feel this was a mistake and have reversed this decision effective immediately.

The policy (revised) can be found here :

Both outgoing and incoming messages are filtered for :
  • inappropriate content
  • a send rate that is counter to a normal individual use case of an email account; ie using a standard mail account as a bulk newsletter engine
  • suspicious or known attachments to be used to transmit virus content
  • suspicious spoofing activity, where a user's domain name may be used outside their account in their name
  • SPF Record, DKIM and global monitoring blacklists

With recent spam and fraudulent activity increasing globally it is important that account holder users be aware of activities in their offices and on their computers that can have potentially serious effect on their systems, accounts and business domain names. Account holder are responsible for their activities whether they are known behaviours (sending email) or unknown (compromised/hacked computer, sending spam) behaviour and are required to take ongoing appropriate steps to maintain and manage the health of their systems and training of their staff accordingly.

The activities in question for this incident of May 2017 passed initially due to a sending policy that did allow a higher rate of mail send thereby allowing for "semi-credible" content to pass. Enough of this email send was sufficient to damage the global reputation of secure4 and thereby the iTMG community.

This will no longer be allowed to happen again.

  1. outgoing mail will be filtered by the same global standards that will measure the acceptance of your message
  2. incoming mail will be measured against all global standards to determine the acceptability of your message 
  3. an account holder whose behaviour goes against these principles may be suspended and notified as soon as convenient

If an Account or Domain Name has been suspended from email it can only be reinstated when an email is from an email Administrator. If no email accounts have been given email Administrator authority or the entire Domain has had its email suspended, email resinstatement requests may come from the Account Holder. This email should be sent to:

We do understand that things happen and that an inadvertant click, stray email or virus has its way of getting into and causing havoc to our lives, both personally and professionally to much grief. At iTMG, however, our primary service is to ensure first and foremost a robust and reliable service with security and innovation as they become available and accessible for making our lives still better. And we strive to do this ongoing. As such, even inadvertant unfortunate happenstances cannot be allowed to disrupt this service – a balance must be struck.

Should an account be suspended, a request to reinstate be sent in the Account Holder's own words, explain (explaination email):
  • Why the SPAM incident or other Abuse incident occurred;
  • If applicable, display understanding of why mass mailing is forbidden;
  • Commit to incident not occurring again.
The same party that deals with incoming SPAM or Internet Abuse complaints will be the first arbiter in making a decision as to whether or not the account should be reinstated. 

In making a decision the arbiter shall take into consideration:
  • The authenticity of the email (is it really from the address from which it purports to be);
  • The nature of the response and the understanding and commitment exhibited therein;
  • The history of Abuse on that Domain;
  • To the extent known, the history of Abuse by that customer across different domains.
Communication of the decision should be sent to the email from which the infringer's explaination email was sent and should be copied (with the text of the explaination email attached) to where a central record of Spam Abuse complaints will be kept. 

If the infringer disputes the decision or if the first arbiter is uncertain which action to take appeal can be made to the Product Manager for a final reinstatement decision. 

secure4 mail outgoing service :
1 month, 1 week ago

ISSUE : secure4 mail outgoing service may be harshly filtered by Google and Google's G Suite services

RESOLVED TIME : resolved

UPDATE : blacklisting cleared, google filtering cleared

TIME to Resolve : resolved




SaaS Application Support

POS-eCommerce-Integrated Support Ticket

For eCommerce-Point of Sale Integrated accounts. 
Account Level Status may be requested when reviewing tickets for in-support or out-of-support status

Monitored : business hours.


dbcEngine Franchise/Member/Business Portal Support Ticket

For dbcEngine Franchise, Member and Business Portal Manager systems. 
Monitored : business hours


Hosted Services Support

Hosting Service Support Ticket

For Hosting Services including websites and email. 
Monitored : 24/7

Domain Name Registration and Management Support Ticket

For Domain Name Services. 
Monitored : 24/7

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