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    B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce

    Best of Both Worlds Powering B2C+B2B at the same time. Streamlined Commerce workflow and experience for all your customers.



Boost Revenue and Profit with B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce.

Make online buying easy for both your B2C and B2B customers at the same time – optimized for each of your user personas. Generate more revenue with a proven multi-channel strategy, platform, and experience. This next generation of commerce growth is a multi-trillion dollar market! Take advantage and position your business for this next wave of Commerce.

B2C+B2B Commerce

Global PaymentsiTristan Media Group

Special B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce Offer in Partnership with Global Payments!

Times are indeed strange, frustrating, and challenging. Everyone is affected big, small, and in between. iTristan Media Group has partnered with Global Payments to help businesses get through survival mode with powerful payment merchant solutions, and be ready to grow and re-position through the coming recovery to come out flying.


Save up to 25% on our B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce growth offer!


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Power your B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce, ideal for most sectors including:


Leverage your expertise and industry values by scaling your interactivity with B2B vendor partners and distribution relationships; while continuing to drive B2C customer sales. You've built and cultivated your brand positioning, make the most of it by maximizing your customer interactions and service offerings.


B2B Vendor Purchasers are a new breed. As B2C persona generations have been changing for years, they're now moving into B2B roles, bringing with them expectations of automation, realtime customer information, accuracy, and ease of use. Be ready for them! They're expecting a device agnostic, context aware, time sensitive aware, rewarding experience.

Parts Supplier Markets

Thousands of suppliers are coming online. They want to interact with you when buying and need a seamless and stree-free interaction with you. Being competitive in parts markets means being fast, well-stocked, responsive, and fast to fulfill. This requires your internal processes, team control, and workflow automation to be ready for all your customer types to value what you offer including your customer service, available selection, and unique expertise.

Building Materials and Products

By itself this sector alone is a trillion dollar global market. Whether you sell regionally, nationally, or globally, your ability to ramp up and scale requires you to have in place the customer service, regional, and global regime structure for order-management and payments and currencies, market-specific behaviours and permissions, as well as shipping and fulfillment workflow automation; all streamlined to manage your reach, and help you grow.



  • Manage your B2C and B2B workflow complexities gracefully

    Raise the bar for all your customers optimizing their shopping experience with a rich feature experience for B2C customers, and a sleek, optimized B2B buyer-experience designed for large catalogues and order options.





The lines have blurred between being a B2C or B2B company.

You shouldn't have to choose. Have it both ways -- be a B2C+B2B Hybrid Company! 81% of consumers plan to buy direct from original producers, will you be ready to service them, with the right user experience and workflow, driven by the right platform?


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B2C+B2B Hybrid Commerce Businesses have:

Improve Shipping and Fulfillment by 400%

Improved Shipping and Fulfillment by over 200%

In its DNA, B2C+B2B Commerce is built for performance, scale, and extendibility. We've expanded businesses ability to get product out the door, not worry about limitations.

Mobile conversion rate

Increased Mobile Conversion Rates by Over 100%!

Mobile Responsiveness all the way up to Progressive Web Apps are the next steps in mobile customer experience. The context of *how* your visitor is interacting with you dictates mobile conversion success, and scalable performance for all device types.

Workflow Process Automation

Saved on over-hiring by automating workflow and processes

Businesses just like you have enjoyed 500%+ gains in human processing productivity alone - making your workplace an enjoyable, smooth-flowing, and increasingly profitable operation by optimizing and automating your workflow.

Cultivate and Improve B2B Business

100x Your Product Data Entry Speed and Accuracy with THIN Commerce Integration

What if you never had to enter product information from your vendors, partners, and marketplace members? Businesses have 100X'd their product to market ability making them faster, more competitive, and more search-worthy with vendor and marketplace product integration.

Headless Commerce

Increased Revenue 400% by Going Headless

Headless commerce allows you to control back end processes isolated from front end customer facing interfaces, webpages, mobile web applications, warehouse interfaces, and customer service screens significantly speeding up your go-to-market agility.

Vendor Catalogue Integration

Improved B2B Customer Relationships, Interactions, and best of all, Revenue

Operate with a single point of truth: for all your inventory, customer information, and order, payment, and status data at your fingertips. If it's happening, your customer should know about it, regardless of time of day, location, device, or staff member they're talking to.

10X Your Product-to-Market

Scale Fulfillment Even Further with Automated 3rd Party Drop Ship Integration

Why ship anything yourself when there are warehouses and vendor partners who already do this out of the box? Focus on what you do best and provide value for customers. Automatically pass orders to the appropriate shipping warehouse, carrier, or partner in real time.

Improved Customer Service Experience

Improved Customer Service Experience with Enhanced Administrative Data Flow and Screens 

What if you could craft, streamline, or completely design your customer service administrative management process? Give your customer support, consultants, sales, and fulfillment teams what they need to be their best - right now - with administrative information screens and flow they need.

  • Scale your customer segments

    Next Generation Commerce is About Scale through Leading Customer Experience for ALL your Customers

    For so long, B2C has lead the way in user experience. Positioning your business for B2B Customer Experience as well, gives you the leg up in speed to market, ease of interaction for your Business Customers, and operational scale all ready for the recovery. #therecoverywillbedigital

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