• Popularity of a CA Domain


Popularity of a CA Domain

1 March, 2010

By Jimmy Jenkins Ray

The ca is a widely accepted and trusted domain name. Most people, who have registered, consider it as being an integral part of their success. The Canada domain name is recognized not only in Canada but all around the world. But the registrants have to meet Canadian presence requirements as defined by the registry. This service is available only to Canadian residents and organizations.

Most Canadians prefer .ca for their online shopping needs more so because there are no customs or exchange rates associated with them and all the transactions are subjected to Canadian law. Once you register your domain name will be kept safe and secure in an independent national registry.

Today there are over a million .ca domain names with the number still increasing. As a first step before registering you have to choose a.ca domain name and see if it is available for use using something called a WHOIS search tool. Once you lock in a name, the next step is to locate a CIRA certified Registrar who is available in each province or territory. Then proceed to register your name with the registrar found. You need to have a CIRA registrant account and also confirm a Registrant Agreement.

The Canada domain name is not available for you on a lifetime basis. It expires after a stipulated time unless renewed. You can register up to 10 years and when the time comes to renew, you will be duly notified. In case you fail to do so, your name might be taken over by someone else and controlled by them thereafter. To avoid this, always keep your email id functional to receive prompt mails from the CIRA.

As a.ca domain holder you will have ample opportunities to network with other CIRA members and can voice your opinions on a number of issues like internet privacy etc.

There are many internet hosting companies through which you can register CA domain. You should always lookout for offers to get some discounted rates. You can click here to know more about CA domain registration.

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