• iTMG finally gets our new site released!


iTMG finally gets our new site released!

16 June, 2013

 But it's not what you think it is. 

Typically, we think of delays as being conventional we're-just-too-busy excuses. But really, we ran into so many cool new things we had to decide what options to choose first. What do we do first? Do we build integration into hosting management? Do we integrate with billing management; new support structure – the list goes on.

Ultimately we focused on smart new code structure; responsive code to be mobile and pad friendly; as well as a completely revamped content structure to mirror how our products have grown beyond just the old fashioned "web devleoper" moniker.

Is iTMG going to continue to be "web developers"? In short, yes. But really, internet services and the very idea of the internet has evolved so much that already people think of internet and data systems as required services for their lives; including their businesses. And for most, this evolution has been quite imperceptable.

We've now got a number of products aimed at the core needs of business, such as Collaborative Systems, Franchises, Inventory Integration, Financial Systems Integration, Project Management and of course eMarketing – as well as the core technical services to make them available globally.

By focusing on the core systems, this allows us to offer cost effective modular capabilities across the board in a far more innovative way. Will we continue to custom-build systems? Of course we will, absolutely; but this approach allows us to roll out a larger and wider array of capabilities that many businesses don't even realize they can really benefit from.

I really look forward to sharing this next leg of innovation and creativity with all of you to help us be more innovating, and profitable. Thank you for coming along on the journey.

Jason Agouris

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