• iTristan Media Group Releases SV-Integrated Version Two Moving Ecommerce To a New Level


iTristan Media Group Releases SV-Integrated Version Two Moving Ecommerce To a New Level

6 September, 2013

“Our goal was to go beyond standard eCommerce for small and mid sized companies and build the scale and power of integrated inventory supply chain eCommerce. With Version 1 we produced a robust system that met the goal, Version 2 goes one step further.” says Jason Agouris President of iTristan Media Group.

SV-Integrated delivers a powerful suite of tools, surpassing traditional eCommerce solutions The result is integration of the data rich Smart Vendor POS software deployed at a bricks and mortar retail locations with a fully functioning eCommerce solution. Synchronizing data such as pricing and descriptions from the POS software, it also manages inventory and incorporates shipping integration. Most impressively it accomplishes the complex task of tax profile synchronization for businesses that offer product lines that fall into different tax-code levels than regular items, such as food or childcare items. The SV-Integrated eCommerce system automatically knows the difference.

The experience gained with customers selling millions of dollars of product in the past two and a half years has proven the system solid. The development team has delivered a leap with Version 2 (V2). There is marked improvement in performance at the data level, a new Customer Synchronization Dashboard and historical logging.

“The mine field of eCommerce paths that small and medium companies need to navigate is large. Some of the solutions are API (Application Programming Interface) based, which demand a connection method to software that has shortcomings. For some, this may not be an issue, for the growing business however, or those that require enhanced tax configuration, API based systems can be highly restrictive, or potentially bring them to their knees. We had to direct our effort to open the door to growing companies with a SaaS approach (Software as a Service)” says President Jason Agouris. “Where API is limited, we sing. This is accomplished by controlling the entire infrastructure down to the data level. We have an out of the box eCommerce solution with the ability to add functionality and features as required. Our approach allows for advanced tax profile synchronization, advanced design and interface customization, all challenged in other systems.

What does this approach mean? Small and medium sized companies now have access to an eCommerce solution that delivers the scale, reporting, customization and monitoring that previously was available only to large corporations. All at a price point that is far below a custom designed system.



With their first site going live in 1995 the iTristan Media Group is a pioneer and leader in online technology and strategic integration.. With a strong technological expertise, iTMG focuses on workflow, digital marketing and brand awareness. Each of these factors are taken into consideration in every undertaking.

iTristan Media Group develops and produces internationally deployed advanced web sites and clusters, as well as eCommerce systems, Franchise Management Portal and Business Portal Management systems. In the service base structure iTMG also provides Digital Marketing services such as Social Media marketing (SMM)  and the various elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  • Technological expertise.
  • Workflow
  • Marketing and brand awareness
  • ROI


Jason Agouris, President
tel (416) 855.6404 ext 101

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