M.E.S.A. Chooses iTMG | The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America Summit 2016 in Nashville

5 January, 2017

Nashville, TN, USA -- M.E.S.A., the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America held its annual Summit in Nashville this past Sept. and our own Jason Agouris was on hand to present one of the opening presentations.

Jason Agouris speaks with M.E.S.A. membersAs M.E.S.A. had selected iTMG's Member Portal platform powered by dbcEngine (Digital Business Community Engine) for its next generation member platform as central to its growth technology strategy, the September presentation was part of the official announcement to its American national member attendees. Key, for M.E.S.A. had become a field-tested platform, scalable and robust to offer its management a powerful engine to allow fast multi-member content syndication and curation, providing M.E.S.A. as an organization the speed of managing its entire user base at the touch of a button while giving members the ability to curate, customize and choose how, they wanted their member website to reflect their own unique brand.

Members started moving their sites to the iTMG dbcEngine platform starting soon after the Summit ended. The members will be taking advantage of a number of dbcEngine Version 3 new features, including Secondary Syndication, a completely rewritten territory management engine, and an even easier administrative configuration set up manager.


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