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digBiz Episode 1 | Kim Speed on Branding and Customer Facing Operations

20 June, 2017

Today, on digBiz we're joined by Kim Speed, brand guru from Purple Moon Creative to talk branding in a digital world. Things have changed – it's probably not such a hard thing to grasp, at the same time so many businesses are still treating their digital business, the online, application and interactive customer-facing elements of their operation, as afterthoughts – something that sort of, kind of happens, somehow with a "website".

"Just get a 'site' up there as cheaply as possible" is so often the mantra, missing the reality that their digital brand including operations, systems and 24/7 interactivity are likely far more impactful on customer feeling, customer service and overall reputation than their physical location; if they even have one.

Join us, and listen in on digBiz with Kim Speed.


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