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digBiz Episode 7 | Paul Allamby on Digital Disruption, Brand, Operational Innovation and Excellence

28 May, 2018

Paul Allamby joined us to spread the word on brand execution, activation, and operational excellence. Paul is one of those conversationalists I can talk with for hours and hours and hours, and today was no different. We tipped this digBiz scale at 90 minutes! But have no fear you can pick away at this podcast and despite some effort we couldn't find any decent way to trim this down without doing it injustice.

Some markers you may want to jump to : 

  • 00:40 : Branding is NOT advertising.
  • 01:30 : Operational excellence, who is doing this properly and how?
  • 04:20 : Customer P&L comes first as the engagement strategy. Get the customer right.
  • 09:30 : A bad roll out at the till; how not to do loyalty points. Customer experience and operational excellence.
  • 14:40 : Systems can be messy. Organizations are often not structured to handle this gracefully.
  • 24:20 : The Customer Event Framework. Equipping organizations to handle pain points and moments of truth.
  • 30:00 : Brand relevancy. Deliver something meaningful for your customers - and get the experience right before big marketing.
  • 36:20 : The Agile Organization for best customer experience.
  • 43:48 : USAA, Shopper's Drug Mart, and President's Choice Financial, the gold bar for customer experience; even with terrible systems.
  • 50:00 : Digital disruption, PayPal and taking on banks on their home turf.
  • 1:10:00 : Prioritizing customer lifetime value. Who owns the customer in the organization?
  • 1:20:00 : "Branded House" banks aligning with flanker brands

Join us, and listen in on digBiz with Paul Allamby.

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digBiz Episode 7 | Paul Allamby on Digital Disruption | Brand, Operational Innovation and Excellence


Paul Allamby can be reached at ‭(416) 859-2222‬ or paul@allambyconsulting.com


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