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The Recovery Will Be Digital

04. 04. 2020Editor
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There is no crystal ball, no one can guarantee what is going to happen, but even if you discount political…

digBiz Podcast ep 11 | Daniel Mazurkiewicz on The Business Software Value Cycle

14. 01. 2020Editor
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Whether you're a shiny new startup ready to take on the world, or an old school industry player evolving…

What having a really narrow driveway taught me about business

29. 10. 2019Editor
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Thousands of runs in and out of our extremely narrow driveway re-wires your brain. I'm convinced of that.

digBiz Podcast ep 9 | Bill Bishop on The Future and Disruption

25. 10. 2018Editor
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Bill Bishop joined us to spread the word on The Future : Disruption and its increasingly important place…

Net Neutrality in America Scheduled to be Put Down on June 11

12. 05. 2018Editor
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It's official. "Net Neutrality" regulations in the United States, in place since 2015 will, in effect,…