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    Innovation Drives Opportunity, Profit and More Opportunity for Innovation

Providing management consulting and technology services in many areas including Technology Strategy, Business and Technology Optimization and Alignment, Business Process Management, Enterprise Systems Architecture and Integration, and Applications Development.

Project Model

Business Goal Deliverables

Business Analysis, Documentation, and Production

Planning and delivering Business Application Software requires a combination of analysis, scope feasibility and return on investment benefit. Our experience with business models and delivery gives you the benefit of a partner that understands how technical delivery must converge with business objectives and front-facing automation tools that become part of your daily operations and the boost to your culture and bottom line.

Project Model

Project Model

Choosing the right Project Model for your business

Understanding and choosing the right project model is essential to planning your project. How complexities are handled, analyzed, and planned for must fit your business model, culture, and budget expectations are all key to understanding the fundamentals of not only what is being delivered, but how, and in what roll-out. 

Project Model

Planning for Growth

Expect to change, expand, grow, and change some more

We expect you to grow. Growing is good. Growing means you've reached targets and are moving beyond them. Growing means success! Growing also necessitates changes to your business operations, procedures, and how your team workflow gets things done. Planning for change is a necessary part of expecting the unexpected. We plan for shifts in workflow automation and procedural change and the next inevitable part of your growth and success.


Digital Business Community Engine

Digital Business Community Engine

Control your Global Operations with powerful and flexible suite of content curation, syndication and territory management engines in a multi-region, multi-lingual Websites Management System.

You manage the digital rights you assign to your sub-property websites. Once set, you have the confidence that your permissions are helping you manage the franchise brand 24/7 while giving your users the power and tools they need to promote and get business while you provide them with content, brand information and marketing support regardless of how many websites you're supporting.

dbcEngine comes in multiple configurations ready for Franchises, Membership Portals, Multi-Brand Multi-Region Business and more.

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Franchise Website Management System

Franchise Website Management System

Control your Global Franchise Operations with powerful and flexible suite of content curation, syndication and territory management engines in a multi-region, multi-lingual Franchise Websites Management system.

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Membership Portal Management System

Membership Portal Management System

Provide your members with listings and complete turnkey websites at the push of a button. Control your member website messaging while giving them their own control, brands, languages and locations within a single powerful Portal Manager.

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Technical Audit Programmes

Technical Audit Programmes

As your business evolves and grows, it must adapt to new market conditions, new competitive challenges and new opportunities. Changing your process, however, requires that you understand clearly where you are in order to determine where you want to be. This gap in clarity is what causes process, sales, and workflow breakdowns – ultimately the entire efficiency and scalable performance of your business – resulting in initiatives failing to live up to their promise, team frustration. And worse of all, initiatives that stumble and fail outright.

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Custom Software Application Development

Custom Software Application Development

Increase your business agility and flexibility Custom Software Application Development. Build simple or complex applications that address your unique business requirements and manage risk compliance proactively and strategically. Reduce management costs and grow revenue through scaleable architecture and global reach.

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Extend and Integrate

Extend and Integrate

No one can afford to misuse resources today – people, time, or money. Business needs to promote best practices, but they must also be tied to something that the whole team can collaborate with, control, and boost efficiency with.

Reduce the amount of work your team does to keep your business moving forward through faster decisions and action with our CMS to Solve360 CRM Integration Module. Create new ways to engage your clients, solve problems and pursue opportunities.

Tailor your system to maximize productivity and profits. Add modules, reports, routines, and security access to suit the uniqueness of your process and workflow.


Increase business value with enhanced application development services

Today's customers demand applications that deliver a high level of connectivity, omnichannel user experience, personalized accounts, and real-time customizations. These expectations are transforming not only how businesses approach application development, but the development of applications altogether; as well as how organizations choose their IT and software partners. Emerging technology trends like — maturing frameworks and packaged solutions, Fintech, Insurtech, Blockchain, SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) technologies, open source tools and automation, developing pure-play applications is a thing of the past. Organizations want IT partners who can collaboratively conceptualize and develop systems, engaging with them as strategic business partners to help them enhance business value leveraging technologies that are driving business innovation.

iTristan Media Group Business Application Development practice understands business needs and delivers next-generation applications to examine and meet requirements, enabling you to race ahead of the competition. Besides leveraging emerging technologies, we help you keep pace with new trends and achieve dynamic business objectives such as:

  • Higher and faster business value and innovation with business-driven IT and application development using iTMG Agile Development

  • Business and Technology excellence through automation, continuous delivery and deployment, systems modernization, and SMAC

  • Cost optimization through automation efficiencies and improved operational quality with cutting-edge application integration

Agile Application Development

iTMG's Agile Development Model helps address growing business demands by rapidly delivering business value through Business IT applications. We help you execute agile projects from distributed locations and deliver high-quality applications cost-effectively.

Continuous Expansion and Upgrades

Improve speed, quality, and reliability of applications using continuous tests and deployment. Bridging technology innovation for coninuous automation and progressive transformation of people and process to help you accelerate upgrades, improvement and responsiveness to changing marketing conditions.

We Enable Organizations Across Many Industry Sectors

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Multi-Regional Business

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Project Assessment Discovery


We understand that putting together a business technology solution requires a lot of moving parts to come together. We help you navigate the landscape, align your technology strategy with your business objectives, and analyze the current state of the system to develop a sound plan moving forward.

Our assessment processes drill down to understand your business processes, workflow and culture, to understand what makes you tick. We thoroughly document and isolate the core truths about your business operations; very often we get to understand our client's business better than they do. Our strategic consulting and software engineering services transform your processes, legacy applications into scalable, modern, cost-efficient solutions that most often pay their own way as investments, not expenses, in efficiency, scale, speed and agility.

Scope and Business Planning

Scope and Business Planning

Rely on our expertise to provide you with the winning strategy and best practices for developing and rolling out your business solution to your customers. Our strategic consulting team works with your organization's stakeholders to develop a plan based on our business and technology expertise with in many business areas and cutting-edge and emerging technologies.

With 20 years of client management and interaction, we have evolved our processed to ensure that our collaboration with you works extremely well. Transparency and metrics give our customers the expectations, discipline, and reduction of risk that supports truly successful business partnerships.

Software Development and Deployment

Development and Deployment

Our team is a high-impact team of individuals that can come in and help prioritize technology decisions, provide deep analysis of business process, and make recommendations about how to best apply technology to solve business problems.

We are committed to highest quality business software application development. With project management best practices, we constantly strive for improvements to processes, communication models and flexible, but structured processes to ensure that client styles, staff, systems and preferences are always taken into consideration. Our development methodologies include Agile, Waterfall and Scrum with a slightly obsessive view of getting things done.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The primary goal of our team is to partner with you to develop a sound business solution that deliver real business value to your customers. Using our proven methodology and experience, our strategic consulting services team will guide you through the best practices to ensure that your project is flawlessly executed and is aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Providing management consulting and technology services in many areas including Technology Strategy, Business and Technology Optimization and Alignment, Business Process Management, Enterprise Systems Architecture and Integration, and Applications Development.




iTristan Media Group Specializes in Commerce, Mobile, Collaboration, Enterprise Application and Integration solutions

Spread across a wide variety of technologies, architecting and designing enterprise systems and applications, Web application development, database design and development, and desktop applications using different languages and in multiple platforms and frameworks including PHP, Ruby, Java, Symfony, React, Angular and .NET. Our expertise is Server-Centric application development for use on a variety of devices and platforms starting with desktop and extending to iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android.