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    The Secure Sales and Business Model  for the Growth-Minded Business



The first gram is out the door

While it is tempting to think of operating your Cannabis Business as the same as any business operation, there are core principles you should be aware of that, while important for any business, are especially significant for your liability, your customer's security, and your streamlined operations. This Digital Transformation requires a specific and considered approach to make sure you have the pieces in place to protect you and your customers.

Security and Encryption

Cyber Security

Security is King! Your customers, your partners, and your affiliates need to be confident that your data is secured right down to the database. It's no longer good enough to have SSL and standard website encryption, we go beyond that. This is no longer ECommerce-as-usual and your digital business operations need to be set up from the ground up with security baked right in.

Secure Cryptocurrency Processing

Payment Processing

Is your chosen bank or merchant provider fully ready for your cannabis business? The merchant payment processing industry players are not all ready for cannabis business at the same time. Be sure to do your due diligence on compliance, rules and regulations from your merchant provider so you don't have any rude surprises once you've opened up shop. 

Attract Ideal Clients

Attract Ideal Clients

Confidence. Your customers and partners need to feel and understand that you treat their personal and business information with utmost care and take nothing for granted. That confidence breeds loyalty. That loyalty breeds more business and profit.

Build for Profit

Build for Profit and Scale

Getting a position in the burgeoning cannabis sector is a tremendous opportunity. Make sure you position yourself for growth not just as a sales engine, but as a smooth and secure operation, for a customer magnet, and as the innovator you are in taking this important step. We go well beyond just-another-website or ecommerce site, and help you grow into the growth business you've envisioned.

Cannabis productBy the time your competitors begin to understand where the new direction is opening up, the first mover – that's you – is well ahead, kinks worked out, marketing and positioning tried and tested – they're on their way to bigger profits.

We provide you with a team that has built the very small and the very large. From startup to enterprise to government, we bring to your business the experience of process, engineering, and design that has been cultivated and tested by digital business models both small and nimble, and large and rigorous. And with that, help to avoid pitfalls, and focus on success in this unique oportunity.


  • First Mover Advantage

    One of the main motivators for first movers is getting in on the

    ground floor of a new opportunity before their competitors

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ECommerce or Not, Security is Still Key

Whether your business engages in ecommerce B2B, or B2C (not all jurisdictions allow for private ecommerce), you, your stakeholders, partners, and affiliates still need to consider operational security. Your back office operations may include a CRM, financial software, marketing list management, inventory management to name just a few – and with that your systems will store the names of your vendors, customers and prospects. Ensuring that this data is secured, encrypted, and stored in the appropriate method and physical location for your data sovereignty peace of mind. You and your customers need to know that their international travel is not impeded because you allowed their business with you fall into the wrong hands.

Quick Cryptocurrency Primer

Digital Business Model

One way or the other, this is a Digital Business Model. Even if the only online thing you currently plan to do is set up a regular old-fashioned website with no ECommerce, you still need to consider data sovereignty and locale, from form submissions from your site to security on your domain name registry information. We're in the age of everything's-digital so you need to consider even the generic systems you might be using and consider "standard fare" such as email, financial, and CRM. How is it passing information around? Where is this stored?

Differences in a Cannabis Business

How is my Cannabis Business Different?

It isn't.

And it is.


You're not alone.

It's true that fundamentally your cannabis business operation may not have a lot that differs from other business models. But you do have key positioning elements in this sector that are new : stigma, politics, and an ever-changing national and global patchwork of legislation. With these come an array of responsibilities to ensure that you are secure, your customer and partners are secure, and you are still positioned to grow and profit. We bring the experience in digital business growth positioning to help you get there.

Your Own Digital Business Property

Building Your Business on Your Own Property

Your digital business should be under your own control as much as possible, especially in new and sensitive areas such as Cannabis ECommerce & Business. You should have isolated control of your data. You should have a say in the detailed implementation of your infrastructure leaving no element of guesswork. We provide digital business infrastructure with that granular level of control and isolation you need.

You make your own rules while still benefiting from a systems framework. What does this mean? Your digital business website or ecommerce system uses framework-based technology ensuring that as framework standards improve and new releases deployed, your busines will benefit. At the same time, your data, account, speed, and security are all your own. You are not at the mercy of a single decision-maker for your platform, code, APIs, or integrations – your business is your own.