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    Grow your business with powerful software developed to meet your unique demands


The right software partner not only builds for your business,
but changes how you see your business.

Custom Software Application Development


Different markets require a different hand. Different markets have different standards. Going global is not a problem. Territories obey the rules of differing address standards. Have regional offices managing a specific territory? No problem, you can have regional sub-management of a market with you running the show from the top.

Software Integration Data Transformation


With the proliferation of quality SaaS specialty systems available today, the real value of a powerful operating model is not reinventing the wheel. It's working with the best suite of tools that you need to keep your financials as you know them, your marketing as you need it, and your intake workflow how you like it. With our modular approach to system building, applications are built to scale out to your favourite CRM, ERP, or inventory system. In fact we may already have the integration you need.



Eventually, we all wonder: "What if I could have that data just show up over there? That would make my life so much easier.". The light goes on and we know what is going to make our own process that much more powerful and competitiveness that much stronger. Our customization team can build out this piece of your competitive puzzle, and through our Modular Application Development model, and their creative technical mindset, they have probably already thought of something similar and are just waiting to build your app, your integration, or your tool just as you need.

Server Application Performance


Technology choices can be difficult for non-technical people. iTristan Media Group works with you and your team to navigate the options and logic, both business and technical, behind your short term and long term strategies.

The fundamental needs of your business, process logic and security requirements are key starting points – only after which can the important decision over technology be made.

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Sector Experience, Abstractable Knowledge

Customize. Extend. Calculate. Integrate. Communicate. Promote. iTristan Media Group builds complex software applications that address your unique business requirements. Our team analysts and engineers follow a business-logic approach first in crafting a software application solution. This gives you the jump on innovation with the first mover advantage in your industry with Custom Software Application Development. This is business software tailored to your needs.

We have significant experience in Retail, Finance, Franchise, Merchant Payment Systems, Inventory and Supply Chain and Multi-Regional Multi-User Portals. Most importantly, as software practices grow and software frameworks mature, our ability to port over abstracted software and software knowledge from one sector to another grows.

Knowledge developed for one sector is transferrable to IoT, from Charity management to Arts, from Telematics to Finance, from Compliance to Integration, from Supply Chain to Risk Mitigation. It's still Software Application Development, with the added benefit of leveraged experience in broad sector deployment.

Deep Sector Insight

Decades into building and customizing for a variety of sectors, iTristan Media Group has built a culture of business needs assessment down to a granular level. We bring to our clients an in depth understanding of their own business workflow and logic often deeper than they understand about their own business.

We get beyond assumptions with enterprise class Project Methodology and mathematical models built into our software, business process automation, and platforms designed to move clients' businesses to a much higher performance level.

From Business Specialist to Complete Deployment We Manage the Full Production Cycle and Your Unique Needs


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Complete Needs Assessment analysis of your business, process and workflow to see where and how, precisely, your new system will fit and work. We've learned a lot of business models over the years and have a cultivated investigative process to ensure accuracy.



Solidify requirements – establish a clear connection between your business case, project goals, and a clearly defined project outcomeOur production team works to verify how your system will work with your model.



Presentation concepts


We present our plan, recommendations to make money, save money or streamline your business. Defining upgrade strategies to maximize R.O.I. and streamline process.

Production and Software Development


Put the plan in action. Design, Layout, Configuration, and Customization; the team collaborates with your lead stakeholders to ensure that the Plan is executed to a rigorous Quality Assurance standard.

Business IT planning


We are extremely devoted to analysis and planning. When over 68% of software projects fail due to poor and inadequate planning, this is more important than ever.


Solid Communications

Clarity, reliability, and collaboration are all benchmark tools to ensure that client-project manager information flows constantly and predictably. Nothing can be taken for granted so we ensure that milestone, deadline and deliverable requirements and expectations are clearly documented and automated to ensure complete transparency.

  • Run-of-the-mill one-size-fits-all software won't do for your business. You need something customized; something unique

    What you really need is Custom Software Application Development