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    Unbeatable uptime, total control, and scaling for every size and type of project

Dedicated servers tuned for you

Unmanaged or Managed, Configured or Do it yourself. Users can have unfettered access and control over everything from the operating system to Apache; standard security to PCI Compliance; choice of operating system to multi-server cluster configuration.



Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Whether you have unique business requirements, need to extend your network outside of your data centre, or just want our architects to create a customized solution for you based on dedicated servers, storage, databases, networking, security, this is the plan to get you there.

You want what you want in unmanaged hardware, server configuration and environment and you want our team to handle infrastructure and set up while you take care of the rest. Ideal for sys admins and businesses that need to leverage additional servers in their arsenal, bandwidth, co-location, and geo-location to grow their capacity.

  •  Great for extending data operations
  •  Unique configurations you choose
  •  Manage on your own terms

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Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Fully Managed Dedicated Server with Optional Physical Firewall Single-tenant occupancy, configured by hand and secured by our own team.

Your own single-tenant hardware configured as you need by our top level senior engineers. With a range of configurable options from operating system to memory to storage and bandwidth you have what you need to grow.

Custom-request server configuration, operating systems solutions and private cloud environments for your unique requirements.

  •  Great for extending data operations
  •  Unique configurations you choose
  •  Team supports your growth

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Business Level Hosting with Business Level Purpose

Tuning for Speed, Optimizing for Uptime and Scaling for Robustness are key parts of what we do. But we speak business level support and management, and that gives you a technology partner you can call on as part of your business team, not just server nerds.




Hosting Applications

Whether on an Unmanaged plan or a Managed plan our team is always looking out for making your business run smoothly. It's all well and good to talk "uptime", but we talk "business operations".

The days are long gone when hosting providers can be separate from how your hosting needs tie into the success of your business. We now need to be part of your IT infrastructure team that ensures your business technology runs as smoothly as possible and therefore your business runs as smoothly as possible.


Insert Your Business Model and Creativity Here

How would you leverage the power of Multi-Site Dynamic Integration to give your business the Speed, Scale, Agility and profit you need?

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