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    The Definitive Content Curation Engine Bringing Value to Your Brand and Franchisees

Control your brand, marketing and franchise management at a global, regional, and franchise level.

dbcEngine is the leading platform tool bringing you a powerful and flexible suite of content curation, syndication and territory management engines in one multi-regional, multi-lingual franchise software package you have control over your franchise for marketing and franchise management.


Franchise Management

Featuring Content Curation Tools :

  Syndication Engine

  Territory Management

  Franchise-Level Web Manager

  Corporate-Level Master Control


  Multi-Region Sub-Office

  Secondary Syndication Subscriptions

Full Suite of Regional Office Management Features :

  Regional-Level Syndication Control

  Regional Blogging

  Regional Press

  Regional Territory Management

  Image Management

  Video/Youtube Compatible

Full Suite of Franchise-Level Features :

  Friendly Web Content Editor



  Image Management

  Video/Youtube Compatible

When You Control Your Franchise Websites, Your Brand Succeeds

Control precisely what parts of your online message is brand-standard and what is changeable for your Franchise Owners on their independent Franchise Website. Do they own this territory region, or share it? Is it mandatory for them to show corporate Press, or optional? Truth is, every instance is different and Franchise Management System has been designed from the ground up to be flexible for multiple business models and verticals. Need a modular approach? We address the flexible needs of Franchise organizations.

Go Global

Different markets require a different hand. Different markets have different standards. Going global is not a problem. Territories obey the rules of differing address standards. Have regional offices managing a specific territory? No problem, you can have regional sub-management of a market with you running the show from the top.


With the proliferation of quality SaaS specialty systems available today, the real value of a powerful operating model is not reinventing the wheel. It's working with the best suite of tools that you need to keep your financials as you know them, your marketing as you need it, and your intake workflow how you like it. With our modular approach to system building, Franchise Web Portal Manager is already built to scale out to your favourite CRM, ERP, or inventory system. In fact we may already have the integration you need.


Eventually, we all wonder: "What if I could have that data just show up over there? That would make my life so much easier.". The light goes on and we know what is going to make our own process that much more powerful and competitiveness that much stronger. Our customization team can build out this piece of your competitive puzzle, and through our Modular Application Development model, and their creative technical mindset, they have probably already thought of something similar and are just waiting to build your app, your integration, or your tool just as you need.


Franchise Website Secondary Syndication

Now in Version 3 – Secondary Syndication! 

Now in Version 3, you can now add multiple layers of content your franchise owners can subscribe to giving you additional opportunities for content and service to your franchise owners, as well as revenue stream opportunities for you. Some franchise owners only need some content you provide? No problem – set secondary layers of content that some franchise websites will see and other won't.



Provide Your Franchisees with Tremendous Value to Manage their Businesses


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Content curation

Content Curation

Let the Franchisor create, streamline and deliver content relevant to specific product, category line, segment, and news. The Franchisee curates their own site content from the provided content library to cultivate messages complete with local events, blogs, events and unique value proposition they bring to the world that makes them distinct.

Local Footprint

Brand Support, Local Footprint

A well-curated content strategy in a locally managed franchise is a huge value for the franchisee's local marketing presence. Your franchisees know they have the full creative content support of the franchise, while having the control to reflect their community, distinct professionalism,  and unique offering in their marketing presence.


Automate and Delegate

Your business rules are your Franchise Digital Rights. Assert global control of all your franchise sub-properties at the push of a button.

Franchisee value

Maximize Franchisee Value

Franchise businesses need to maximize business value they provide franchise owners. Offer a turnkey marketing and content brand engine to your franchise partners. Set your business rules and your franchisee gets a fully-ready business marketing engine they customize and expand as much as they need. Now that's value.

Content Speed

A Nimble Franchise is a Winning Business

Save time and grunt work for franchise owners by managing content and marketing en masse by region. By being able to offer large amounts of branding, product and positioning messaging, your franchisee partners get, at their fingertips, fast access to creative ready to go for them to use and customize. No second guessing. Pick, customize, deploy, done! It's big, fast and extremely effective.

Productivity Gain

Watch Your Productivity Soar

Streamlining your effective productivity is the best way to fly past the pain of too much duplication, of never being able to scale the number of franchise owners you would like to grow to have as part of your organization but could never see how you could service them.

  • Enjoy control running

    your franchise business.

    Provide power and flexibility

    for your franchisees.

Digital Business Community technology powering your entire Global Brand Operation

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Digital Business Community technology powering your entire Global Brand Operation

Franchises are unique beasts. Franchise owners are business owners – they want to run their business and make money. At the same time Franchise companies want to create brands, good products and services and get them out into the world. 

Franchise owners want Franchise companies to support them in every way possible.

Giving them a website isn't enough. They need the power of content and scale and the entire brain trust of the brand to support their business 24x7. They need a Franchise Website Management System supporting their brand content, product information, news and blog. They also need to be able to control their local news and content as well as benefit from the larger Franchise world sending them leads by attracting visitors to their content – everyone benefits.


Create New Franchise site

Set Up a Franchise Website in Minutes

Your administrative team can set up a new Franchisee website in mere minutes! Using our powerful Franchise site Creator with Syndication Engine, our multi-regional, multi-lingual franchise site creator allows unprecedented flexibility in how your business provisions for franchise marketing, management and administration.

Franchise Territory Management

Flexible Territory Management Engine

Allows you to provision your franchisee regions by strict boundaries, or fluid overlapping regions. Or both. Bulk import regions from external management engines to save time when large scale changes are required.

Franchisee list

How Many Franchises can you have? You keep growing, your system grows with you.

How does hundreds of franchises sound? How about thousands? Truth is, we still haven't hit a limit, so don't worry about that and just focus on growth. We have the right system, software and infrastructure in place to make sure your team and your franchisees keep going.

Marketing Scale you Probably Haven't Thought of

The amount of content for each of your franchises representing regions and languages and all the blog and products and services represents marketing power that cannot be competed with by traditional means. This is not just a Franchise Management Web System, it's a Franchise Marketing Engine.

Workflow Speed, Globally

Your content, changed, in a second.

Our powerful syndication engine allows your team to manage your franchise brand and marketing messaging globally at the push of a button. Just adjust master content as you need, save, and all related regions, territories and languages are updated in seconds – it doesn't matter if it's a few franchises, or thousands.

Share the Community Workload

Your Franchise Owners want to run their businesses themselves. You want to give them freedom – and you can. By controlling the rules, pages and content franchise website areas your franchise owners can control on their own, you give them the benefit of control of their local business, while you control the central brand. It's a total win-win with a clear management architecture everybody understands.

Management Tools and Reporting

You need to know what goes on in your franchise. The Franchise Management Web System provides complete, detailed logs of user events. So you know who is changing what and when.

Powerful Array of Tools

Calendars, CRM Integration, Newsletter Integration, Blogging, Advanced Publishing Scheduler are just a few of the advanced tools you can use to make your franchise owners as dynamic as possible to market their business and the brand as a whole. You can even share blogs from your franchisees to the entire franchise community! How powerful is that?

Add Inventory and eCommerce Capabilities

Franchise retailers now have the power to sell online. But that's not all! You can show your entire centralized inventory franchise-wide on each of your franchise ecommerce sites OR you can give each franchisee their own inventory and ecommerce site embedded right into their own Franchise Site.

It just comes down to your business model and we provide the power and flexibility to make it happen for you.

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