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    Lemonstand ECommerce is shutting down


    ... is shutting down

Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

For many businesses what to do when a platform reaches end of life can be challenging. iTMG can help you manage this transition. We've enjoyed working with Lemonstand over the years, sadly things don't always pan out. We wish Danny and the Lemonstand team all the best in their future endeavours.

Meanwhile we need to take care of you....



  • Moving to a New Platform

    Making a leap like this is not something business owners and managers ever want to be pushed into, but sometimes this presents opportunities you could take advantage of.
    Does this sound like turning lemons into lemonade? Of course it does. But it's also true.

Plan a direction that best suits your growing business from here

Are you in the same place you were when you started working with Lemonstand? How have your neeeds expanded and changed? What have you learned having been in business for awhile?


Ask for a FREE Initial Needs Assessment on migrating your ECommerce business away from Lemonstand.


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There are famous platforms. There are popular platforms. There are platforms designed for small business. There are platforms designed to grow, extend, and expand. Before making a decision on what direction that's best for you it is very important to assess what's right for your business, not popularity. Too often, decisions are made based on incomplete assessment, and businesses are left with incomplete systems and business models. Our assessment works to shine a light on what you really need.

Planning for the Timeline and Beyond

The shutdown timeline is reasonably in the future to work with. But it's not a long time. You need to move fast and we can help. Making sure a solid, manageable plan is in place to beat the timeline, and the for post launch - your Roadmap - is in place. This ensures you have the piece of mind that all your goals are accounted for: staying online without interruption, while also laying the foundation for all your next steps beyond launch.

The Great Data Migration

Your business may carry 100, 1 000, 10 000, or even 50 to 100 000 skus in your catalogue or inventory. That's got to get over to your new platform accurately and effectively. Our team are data migration wizards having moved terabytes upon terabytes of critical data, product, reporting, and website information from legacy systems to new platforms. With our syncEngine platform our team is ready with the right tools to pull, transform, and get your Lemonstand product moved with as little grunt work as possible.