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    Truly Go Omnichannel With The Only Multi-Store ECommerce Engine For Lightspeed Retail


The Definitive Advanced Omnichannel

Lightspeed ECommerce Platform Connector and Extender



Building and running a store or multi-store retail business is simple enough with Lightspeed Retail. Extending your system to manage your specific needs, workflow, staffing requirements, Advanced Lightspeed POS ECommerce Integration ensures that you’ll have everything necessary to make your entire retail and omnichannel POS system a success.

Whether you're starting out with one store, two, or 20 stores; two staff or 100, you have the confidence that you can expand on the excellent Lightspeed core to create the specific toolset, workflow, and management system that will provide you with the level of control you need to grow your business.


multi-store multi-warehouse ecommerce

Multi-Store, Multi-Warehouse Ready

Location, location, location! Your inventory's location shouldn't matter if you want to sell it online. All your inventory available online, all the time! Imagine the power of just concerning yourself with getting your locations stocked, that's it. This multiplies your ability to sell by how much? Two times? Five times? Ten times?

Even better, display a location's specific available stock so your customers can choose to buy in person. If you've got it somewhere, you can sell it – no worrying about store transfers.

customize paint brush

Customize your POS ECommerce Experience

We think of Lightspeed Retail as a very powerful launching pad. From its fantastic base in retail operations we build customized management admin screens and functionality for a wide array of operational requirements.

power of scale in business

The Power of Scale For Your Operations

Having the x,000 product skus from one of your stores online is pretty great. But having ALL your inventory from ALL your stores is HUGE! This is an order of magnitude difference in operational and marketing scale giving you a Google-facing footprint your competitors cannot compete with.

We think that's way better than pretty great.


Integrate Anything

As your business grows in complexity, those bottlenecks start to get in the way of reaching your goals.

Human error, long and overly complex processing times, too much manual work required to make things happen, too much double data entry. This comes down to segregated systems, people, departments and channel partners. Integrating your systems can eliminate most, if not all of your operational sluggishness that is standing in the way of the leaps in productivity and profitability you have been looking for.



Grow Your Business with Powerful Apps

Extend your reach, grow your brand, protect your sales. These leading apps help you with marketing, sales, customer support, inventory management, shopping, personalization, workflow and much more.




Why Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration Makes Sense for your Business

Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration engine


We're taking omnichannel retailing to a whole new level

Omnichannel is generally considered as the seamless integration of various online and in-store sales channels. Including a core management system, online marketing, integrated feeds incoming and outgoing, retailers are powerfully pushing and pulling product and brand content constantly 24/7 providing a seamless experience for customers with a powerfully scalable data feed for marketing and secondary retail channels. Not only do your customers and soon-to-be-customers experience the same inventory, message and availability, they are free to visit your store, how and when they want; be it by device, on the road, at home, or in person – regardless of store location.

With an omnichannel solution, retailers can reach more customers, better accommodate their shopping habits and make more sales.



Your Customers and Soon-To-Be-Customers are Everywhere

Literally. Everywhere.

And you must be there every step of the way for the new Omnichannel Shopper. 71% of shoppers – your customers – research their buying decisions as an important part of their experience. This is a new reality for retailers. Making your brand experience truly Omnichannel increases the lifetime value of your customers by 30%.

Your customers are looking for a seamless interaction with your brand. They expect great, up-to-date, relevant, local information which Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration provides with the power of all your stores in one place giving your customers the opportunity to interact with your business right now, online, or right now in the closest store down the road.



Boost your business with the benefit of a rich omnichannel experience


omnichannel ecommerce shopping



 Automated Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Tools
 One or Two-Way Social Media Integration
 Dynamic Navigation Filter
 Live Feed Your Inventory to Google
 Live Feed Your Inventory to Amazon
 Live Feed Your Inventory to eBay
 Abandoned Cart Recovery


 Omnichannel Gift Cards – buy anywhere, redeem anywhere
 Advanced Fraud Prevention & Protection
 Advanced Shipping Fulfillment
 Automated Incoming Inventory – No More Product Data Entry!
 And Much More ...


Your Advanced Omnichannel Strategy is as much a Sales and Marketing Strategy as it is about Operations and Speed

grow your business

Save Time on Inventory Management

A centralized inventory management system helps you keep track of stock across all channels. Inventory is added and removed automatically based on what you’re selling in-store, moving from warehouses, or online, ensuring that you know exactly what you have available and don’t oversell.

thin retail drop ship from vendors

Embrace Thin Retail

Who ever said you had to actually have your inventory on hand to be able to sell it? We enable you to partner with both your suppliers and vendors to seamlessly ship orders from suppliers and get product information from your vendors. Quickly, efficiently and seamlessly but most of all – automatically! Now all you have to do is sell. No shipping. No product data entry. That's efficient and Thin. Learn More About Thin Retail  

optimize your speed to market

Optimize your Speed to Market

Get your product to market as fast as possible as soon as – or even before – inventory arrives at your stores or warehouses. The moment product is ready it can be available in-store, online, other stores, in affiliate channels such as Amazon, Google and eBay. All in mere moments.

omnichannel customer experience

Develop a Consistent Brand

Present a customer experience that your customers can rely on no matter where they are in the world; what device or time of day. Centralized customer data will show products available in the store nearest them, their personal purchase history, shopping cart contents and online shopping behaviour. All precise, to the miniute to ensure that when your customer's next buying decision happens you are ready and top of mind. When you market your optimized and consistently branded messages, across all sales channels, you will connect and resonate more completely with your customers online and in all your stores.

big marketing footprint scale

Big Marketing

Present the biggest marketing footprint you can. Your competitive edge starts with the sheer size of your offering. By showing all your product inventory, knowledge, quality and available locations where you customers can interact with you, your online market ranking starts to soar! The Big Marketing scale of your heft puts you into a whole new level of SEO.

customer service

Build Your Brand Loyalty

Your brand is how you make your customers feel. Your brand is what others say about you when you're not around.

When you streamline your business operations and give your team the tools to effortlessly get your offerings, service to market, you're providing them the freedom to present the best you have to offer because it's easy for your staff, easy for your customers, and at everyone's fingertips regardless of location or device. It's to the minute, it's real time, no waiting. Think of the joyful customer service experience you could be offering. Think of the fast and efficient workplace experience you're providing your staff. Think of the brand experience you're providing your customers.

That's what builds brand loyalty.

accounting in real time

Know Your Numbers – Now

What's trending? How is that campaign moving? How is this quarter shaping up? Do all your stakeholders know what's going on? They should. Your numbers should be everywhere for the right people – right now. Financials, marketing performance, supply chain movement all must be at your team's fingertips when they need it. And that time is now.

creativity and imagination

Extend Using Your Imagination and Ours

From here it's all imagination and vision to grow. Extend your administrative capabilities of Lightspeed Retail using Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration platform. Add reports, administrative screens, automation, integration to give your team the best advantage you can. Our consultants are ready to help discuss your business model and goals to see how we can help you streamline your processes even further, grow your business even more and reach your next level.