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    Lightspeed Retail POS

    Lightspeed Retail

    Make your online customer experience a seamless part of your in-store experience


B2C and B2B Technology for small and medium-sized businesses

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Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail


A single cloud-based solution is all you need to enhance the shopping experience you provide your customers. No matter how many locations you operate, this easy-to-use retail POS provides retailers with a robust set of business management tools that help both managers and staff work more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Expand further with fully integrated ECommerce or even further with Advanced eCommerce ready for Multi-Store Inventory and Customized Workflow.

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Advanced Lightspeed POS ECommerce Integration

Advanced Lightspeed POS ECommerce Integration


The Definitive Advanced Omnichannel POS ECommerce platform extension for Lightspeed Retail POS. Extend your Point of Sale to manage your specific needs, workflow, staffing requirements, Advanced Lightspeed POS ECommerce Integration ensures that you’ll have everything necessary to make your entire retail and online operations a success.

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Make sales and manage your store, with integrated inventory management, customer management, on-demand reporting, and integrated ECommerce.


Retailers are using cloud technology to sell more.

It’s telling them more than ever about their customers and what they’re buying.


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Purchase Order

Complete a PO and fax, email, or if working with a vendor that's integrated with Lightspeed Retail POS, submit directly online.


Pre-loaded Catalogs

Over 8 million items from over a thousand vendors are ready to be imported into your store’s inventory. Not available yet? Our Thin Retail Integration could add your vendor to your automated catalog – ask us how you can make Thin Retail work for you.


Categories + Tags

Organize items into categories like “shoes” – and tag items with common traits, such as “patent” or “sequins.”


Reorder Points

Set a custom reorder point and be automatically notified when you should order more of a particular item. 


Label Printing

Whenever you add new items to your inventory, new labels are automatically added to the label queue. LightSpeed Retail will print every new label at once.


Assembled Items

If you want some items to only be sold together, you can assemble individual items into a bundle with its own SKU. 


Product Matrices

Use product matrices to break down a specific SKU into different models, such as size and colour. Need more? Break it down further into multi-dimension matrices for size, width and style.

Unit Costs and Margins

Keep track of unit costs to learn not just how much money you’re spending on inventory, but how high your margins are as well.


Work Orders and Services

With extensive support for repairs, warranties and special orders, you’re free to offer value-added services, and schedule service appointments with your customers and better still, let them schedule their own appointments with you.


Scales with your business

Whether you’re starting with multiple stores or want to be prepared for future growth, LightSpeed Retail POS is built with expansion in mind. Connect multiple stores across a single database and easily see where your inventory is. You can easily transfer items between stores, and gift cards work across all of your locations. An open API means that you can even develop new functionality on top of LightSpeed Retail POS.

Want to try a pop-up shop? How about selling at a conference or a local market? Bring your point of sale with you – it works anywhere.


Check Out the Lightspeed Inventory Guide

The Lightspeed Inventory Guide is a comprehensive listing of retail best practices, maximizing profit, Inventory Management tips and much much more.

Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration

An iTristan Media Group innovation product


Multi-Store, Multi-Warehouse ready

The ONLY Lightspeed Retail eCommerce solution to use ALL your inventory online. your ECommerce store is aware of every store's product and inventory availability so you don't have to play musical chairs just to get something online. If one location has it, then your ECommerce site has it. What could be simpler? Exclusive to iTristan Media Group.

Multi-Warehouse Ready

Franchise Ready

Embed your Advanced Lightspeed ECommerce POS Integration into our Franchise Websites Management System and you have a global commerce powerhouse complete with multi-store, multi-location warehouse awareness. Configure to suit your franchise model : sell centrally, or promote locally; it's your choice, pick your power.

Omnichannel Advanced ECommerce


Ready for your imagination! You want what you want. Your imagination, marketing and strategy are geared towards design and technical creativity. Pre-Built tools can't cut it. Advanced category filtering, Intelligent related product upsell, completely Custom Design, Advanced checkout Payment Processing are just a few of the customizable features that you want to differentiate your online brand from the masses. The Definitive Advanced Omnichannel eCommerce platform extension for Lightspeed Retail POS.

Omnichannel Sales


Your store, your brand

The LightSpeed Retail POS gives you a transparent interface laid on top of your own beautiful branding, making your point of sale a seamless part of your in-store experience. Let your colours show.

Sell smarter on iPad

lightspeed iPad


Lightspeed's iPad POS app provides a streamlined point of sale experience that lets you and your team focus on serving your customers and making sales.

| Become an instant product expert with access to photos and information for everything in your store.

| See what’s in stock without leaving your customer’s side.

| Close the sale by swiping their card and emailing their receipt for a truly mobile check out experience.

| You can also hook it up to a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer for a fully-featured front counter. See what’s in stock without leaving your customer’s side.



Easily sell onlinelightspeed eCome

LightSpeed eCom is the only eCommerce solution designed specifically for brick-and-mortar retailers who want to start selling online. Your inventory and customers sync between in-store and online, giving you a single, 360-degree view of your entire business.

Need more? Upgrade to Lightspeed Advanced POS Omnichannel eCommerce Integration from iTristan Media Group for Multi-Warehouse and Store complete inventory availability online and so much more.


Track your store’s success

Reporting features give you the insights you need to make better business decisions.

 40 built-in reports let you access information on everything from product sales to customer history, employee performance, and even payment methods.

 When you want to dig deep, LightSpeed Retail POS Advanced Analytics gives you access to a real-time dashboard that lets you break down sales by hour, average sale totals, and more – across any number of locations. A mobile POS app for iOS lets you access your data on the go.

* Advanced Analytics is available as a paid add-on to any LightSpeed Retail POS plan.



PRO lightspeedDiscover the Solution that’s right for your store.

lightspeed pro

Integrated Retail Tools for Mac and iOS LightSpeed Advanced