POS ECommerce Integration
Manage your retail, wholesale, and ecommerce all in one place. That's a platform ready for growth!

Extend your Point of Sale platform with ECommerce powering on-and-offline business

We extend your POS platform with ECommerce to make selling online simple, powerful – and far less stressful. A fully integrated managed system you can customize for your store as little or as much as you want. POS ECommerce Integration JSI technology has everything to power your ECommerce web site as a real-time partner to your cloud or on-site Point of Sale Inventory Management System. Sell online, manage your products, charge and ship on your terms.
Manage your retail, wholesale, and ecommerce all in one place. That's a platform ready for growth!
Modern application engine & performance

A completely re-written sync engine designed for one thing only: rock-solid reliability and redundancy regardless of your location, network or POS uptime performance. Combined with new user-friendly dashboard, tax profile and shipping integration you can rely on what your system is doing and how to monitor it.

Modular and Scalable

With its Data transformation layer segregated from the core engine, JSI-Integrated POS ECommerce is plug-in ready to talk to your system. Whether it has modern, robust APIs, or just a CSV or XML output, our modular translation matrix can bridge the gap to complete integration.

Your Own Server Stack Means Control

Your own account server and technology stack means that your application and data are your own. Your customizations and data are secured under your account only and not part of a large shared code base.

The Product & Inventory Sync

Your store's product, information, inventory and imagery synchronize up to your website automatically.

The Web Orders Sync

Online sales are pushed down to your POS Retail Inventory management software automatically and appear with your regular orders.

Sync Quickly, Sync Often

Sync your store in real time or on your preferred schedule. It's fully automated so it can keep going as fast as your system can handle. Easy and efficient.

We bring you the best blend of out-of-the-box sync engine power, with the flexibility of a workflow, design, and integration tailored experience for your unique customer base.

While this will evolve for a long time, we are now at the point to offer the seamless and personally-driven customer experience that your customers crave. Barriers between physical locations fade away with every product available or not at every salesperson's fingertips. Agile changes to your product supply chain can be made on a moment's notice with auto-data feeds from your suppliers – no concerns about product data or even presentation. It's just there.

Point of Sale is crucial to the true possibilities of Omnichannel experience. Do your sales staff have a rich and rewarding in-hand ability to service your customers? Can they transfer available inventory from another location to service a customer quickly? If a customer phones to enquire about their account do any of your staff have the ability to efficiently pull up that customer's history, order details and communications so they can speak on behalf of your brand to give them the best service possible?

What about upselling? Do you effectively provide your loyal customers with to-the-minute new offers based on their purchasing and browsing behaviour? Your customers want you be the answer to their needs, to serve them, and sell to them well, you just need to create the experience that's available for you to take advantage of.


POS or ECommerce. Retail or Wholesale. B2C or B2B. Desktop or Mobile. Reach your customers, anywhere.

Robust Banking Level Security and Performance

We went above and beyond to ensure the same level of performance and security used in banking and financial systems. This gives you the confidence that you can grow and expand your business at a local level or a global level and your JSI-powered POS eCommerce Integration can handle the load and growth you throw at it.



Truly Omnichannel : Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Store, Multi-Everything

Location, location, location! Your inventory's location shouldn't matter if you want to sell it online. All your inventory available online, all the time! Imagine the power of just concerning yourself with getting your locations stocked, that's it. This multiplies your ability to sell by how much? Two times? Five times? Ten times?

Extend and Customize

Your ECommerce website communicates in a two-way relationship with almost any existing Point of Sale or Supply Chain Inventory Management system. Update with as many skus as you can throw at it, synchronizing purchase information back to your local or cloud POS. Eliminate the need to manage duplicate inventory systems.

Unbeatable SEO

You can't beat the quality scale of all your inventory constantly pushed and updated. It's a high quality numbers game when you are able to present and update all your inventory – thousands, tens of thousands of your products constantly, in real time. Search engines see you as a high stakes player that needs to be seen and no amount of content tweaking by your competitors can compete with this.

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