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Scope Feasibility Study

Scope of Feasibility Studies are in depth technical evaluations of your business objectives.

A double-end analysis reviews resource allocation required for goals in your business strategy paired with software and core business functionality requirements.

Scope of Feasibility Study

| Code Level Analysis
| Data Architecture Anlaysis
Security Audit
Load Testing
Deployment Process Review
Merchant Security Audit – PCI Compliance
Server-Level Encryption Review
Server Hardening Checklist
Operating System Audit
Access/Permissions Review
Passwords Protocol and Policy Review

More Audits

A Complete Architectural Picture of your business model at whole new level. Ready to go.

With end business objectives and expectations documented, a Feasibility Study Scope breaks down all technical aspects of application and system back end architecture, performance requirements, integration touch points and security. User Interface and Experience are worked through in documented screens-building, stakeholder interviews, feedback, revisions and ultimately delivered in thorough documentation for executives, managers and technical staff.

Double-End Analysis Results in an End User-driven process

While Scope of Feasibility Studies are technical evaluations, they are, ultimately about determining how your business is going to move forward in its capacity and ability to scale its information and production throughput. They must be driven by an end-user understanding and consultation of how new systems are going to work for them – on a daily operations basis. Too often, project failures result from ignoring the operational users until the very end at which point it is too late. Double-End Analysis brings the conversation of operations, data entry and workflow down to the data modelling level ensuring that the very concept of how the team can envision their process is as powerful as the code that will be used to build it.

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Scope of Feasibility Study

Build Your System

This sounds like a technical process. And it is. However, the scalability and expandibility of your marketing speed and scale hinges as much on systems understanding and planning as does your back office and warehouse processes.

Systems Technical Audit for IT

Technical Management

The speed and agility and therefore, profitability of your business hinges on getting things done. Understanding you 6 month, 1 year, 2 and 5 year planning looks are forecasts that you can use. Not guess or hope. Knowing that your production platforms will or will not scale to global deployment can make or break entire product lines.

Systems Technical Audit for Finance


Speed is the new currency. If you can move it quickly you can increase profit. Your financial operations are no different than inventory – by understanding how your financial processes not only do work, but could work faster you open up a realm of profit opportunities you may not have known were possible.

Systems Technical Audit Global Reach


Going global is so often thought of as a marketing operation. Your international operations are very much technical as well. Systems Technical Audits evaluate how your business logic is reflected in technical operations, security compliance and technical marketing strategy. With appropriate tools, multi-regional operations and compliance can be managed from single platforms, minimizing the amount of exposure to manual processing labour, compliance risk and optimizing cash flow and speed of information flow.

Scope Feasibility Study Integrated Evaluations

Integrate and save

Scope of Feasibility Studies are very often multi-disciplinary in nature. By pulling in Workflow Process Analysis and Scope Technical Audits into your planning, you not only cover much more ground and understanding, but also save significantly on bundled budgets we offer!

  • Set Your Sights High

    Systems Technical Audits are for businesses and operations that are at technical and operational crossroads. If you are considering expansion or have already expanded and find your business under operational stress or failures you likely need a re-evaluation at a technical process level.

    You will gain insight into your Digital Strategy from server, to security, to code and out to customer service, marketing and global implementation. A full picture you can really use for streamlining your systems, product and profit goals.

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