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We have streamlined our support services to focus on getting your request to the right team as quickly as possible. Our Ticket-Based system is the most expeditious way to offer high-level support. Phone calls may be arranged per incident by request. Please note that some support requests may incur charges. 

Support Notices

Auto Charge Security Upgrade Requiring Payment Information Update :
1 month, 4 weeks ago
MEMO to clients with auto charge credit card set up on their accounts

tl;dr : you need to update your credit card information

Per routine security maintenance, we have recently undergone a personal confidential information security upgrade. As a result, clients who have auto charge credit card information set up prior to Jun 12, 2017 will need to manually re-enter their card information for future payments.

What to look for

If you receive a payment reminder for a monthly, quarterly or annual payment, and normally expect the charge to happen automatically, you likely need to update your payment information. This applies only to credit card information and does not affect PayPal.

As an ongoing committment to information security, iTMG routinely monitors and complies with top level security PCI compliance requirements and the latest security protocols and encryption.

How to do this?

1. Log into your account at
2. At the top right navigation drop down under "Hello <yourname>" click Manage Credit Card
3. Under "Enter New Card Information Below", enter your valid credit card information
4. Save Changes; you're done!

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upgrading our security.

Your iTristan Media Group Team

P.S. tl;dr means "too long, didn't read"




SaaS Application Support

POS-eCommerce-Integrated Support Ticket

For eCommerce-Point of Sale Integrated accounts. 
Account Level Status may be requested when reviewing tickets for in-support or out-of-support status

Monitored : business hours.


dbcEngine Franchise/Member/Business Portal Support Ticket

For dbcEngine Franchise, Member and Business Portal Manager systems. 
Monitored : business hours


Hosted Services Support

Hosting Service Support Ticket

For Hosting Services including websites and email. 
Monitored : 24/7

Domain Name Registration and Management Support Ticket

For Domain Name Services. 
Monitored : 24/7

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