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    Symfony Development Framework

    A clear choice in development toolsets providing rich components and bundles to provide robust user-oriented applications and experiences for users



Symfony is an open source PHP framework that has an architecture designed to separate applications into logical components. Build high-performance complex applications while eliminating the stressful coding process for development teams and reducing development budget. Symfony simplifies coding for developers and makes it a lot easier due to its readily available high-end framework configuration and component. Symfony is a vital aspect of PHP5 and a skeleton of your application.



Symfony Framework

Why Symfony?

  High Flexibility




  Vibrant Community

  Open, not Vendor-Controlled

  Handles Enterprise-Scale Complexity

  Solid Maintenance-Friendly Practices

  Predictable Release Planning

  Functional and Unit Tests

Why iTMG chooses Symfony as a primary development framework

The framework is a set of ready-made parts of the program that can be reused. The goal of the framework is to speed up the development of the software. Also, since the already pre-tested code has been used, the quality of development is higher. Frameworks contain good practices of the given programming language.

Faster Engineering Development

Since the framework contains finished parts of the code, this significantly accelerates the development of a web application.

Easier Maintenance

Since the frameworks come up with already well-defined good practices, which are well tested, less time is spent on maintenance. Also, there is less chance of creating bugs so that later, considerably less time is spent on maintenance.

Better Security Management

The framework components are supported with timely upgrades and enhancement of security.

Symfony is a powerful PHP framework that improves speed of development of demanding web applications. In addition to speed, Symfony is highly reliable offering excellent performance.


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Proven and Trusted Framework

Proven and Trusted

In Symfony, iTMG's highly experienced engineering development team gains a great deal of comfort. They can focus more on the core and advanced functionalities of the application rather than basic features. This is central to working with this powerful framework. It emphasizes on solving the real challenges of customers. It makes overall product development better and more customer-centric.

User-Friendly and Flexibility

Developer-Friendly Flexible Power

From a newbie to an expert, Symfony framework is very popular across the developers’ community. Empowered with MVC components, it gives you full control over configuration and other critical features of development. It is compatible with other database systems. The user-friendly interface with effective methodology helps create complex and dynamic applications with great amount flexibility. Additional functionalities can be easily added with multiple features. It is adapted to the specific requirements of users.



Symfony offers great custom features and functionalities for developers and businesses. You can make your application as user-oriented as you want. It has advanced OOPS service architecture to scale up projects.

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance Management

It may seem like we bring this up repeatedly, but following the Symfony framework provides a more streamlined path for Software Maintenance. As a result your Sylius application has a clearer path to upgrades for the core system as well as your additions and customizations. Follow the framework model and continue to reap the benefits of streamlined maintenance.

  • Symfony Framework

    Symfony brings more development productivity and readily available software components

    Simplify the work of development teams and allows them to create web applications faster, and more efficiently, without monotonous and extensive coding.