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Systems Technical Audit

A deep evaluation of software and platform level operations

Systems Technical Audits' sole objective are to understand and uncover how your systems work as well as uncover vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and therefore, opportunities, in process, automation, validation, security, speed, and agility.


Systems Technical Audit

Code Level Analysis
Data Architecture Anlaysis
Security Audit
Load Testing
Deployment Process Review
Merchant Security Audit – PCI Compliance
Server-Level Encryption Review
Server Hardening Checklist
Operating System Audit
Access/Permissions Review
Passwords Protocol and Policy Review

More Audits

Documented External Evidence Gathering Designed to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Systems and Processes

Well-defined objectives and parameters are central to our Systems Technical Audits. They establish expectations, guidelines and deliverables transparently to all stakeholders, especially your lead team or board.

Systems Technical Audits cover a range of potential areas, as such the audit team may be comprised of one or several auditors; from Software Engineers to Network and Server Security Specialists. In all cases, these are industry-experienced professionals with significant experience working in the field.

Transparency is key. It is just as significant to uncover what is operating well as much as it is to uncover what could stand improvement, or is at potential risk. We work with your lead stakeholders ongoing to review all evidence from all angles with a core objective to determine solutions. We don't judge, we move forward.

Logical Evaluations, Clearly Presented

The auditor's report is delivered to be reviewed on multiple levels : by top level executives, managerial, and technical. The approach is designed to combine plain english review and description with technical-level analysis. This approach has proven time and time again to logically and clearly break down single audit areas into one audit area that can be reviewed by multiple stakeholders from high level summary to deep dive technical discussion, all from a single report audit area.


A Systems Technical Audit provides your entire leadership team with clear evaluations on how you need to move forward with your current systems


Systems Technical Audit for Marketing


This sounds like a technical process. And it is. However, the scalability and expandibility of your marketing speed and scale hinges as much on systems understanding and planning as does your back office and warehouse processes.

Systems Technical Audit for IT

Technical Management

The speed and agility and therefore, profitability of your business hinges on getting things done. Understanding you 6 month, 1 year, 2 and 5 year planning looks are forecasts that you can use. Not guess or hope. Knowing that your production platforms will or will not scale to global deployment can make or break entire product lines.

Systems Technical Audit for Finance


Speed is the new currency. If you can move it quickly you can increase profit. Your financial operations are no different than inventory – by understanding how your financial processes not only do work, but could work faster you open up a realm of profit opportunities you may not have known were possible.

Systems Technical Audit Global Reach


Going global is so often thought of as a marketing operation. Your international operations are very much technical as well. Systems Technical Audits evaluate how your business logic is reflected in technical operations, security compliance and technical marketing strategy. With appropriate tools, multi-regional operations and compliance can be managed from single platforms, minimizing the amount of exposure to manual processing labour, compliance risk and optimizing cash flow and speed of information flow.

Moving Forward 

Systems Technical Audits are for businesses and operations that are at a technical and operational crossroads. If you are considering expansion or have already expanded and find your business under operational stress or failures you likely need a re-evaluation at a technical process level.


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