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Log4J Vulnerability Response

It's been widely reported, and widely felt, and both for the most unfortunate. A new zero-day exploit has been reported targetting the well-established Log4J2 library allowing an attacker to remotely execute instructions. The vulnerability has been reported with CVE-2021-44228 against the log4j-core jar and has been fixed in Log4J v2.15.0.

Project Methodology

Giving you the benefit of project delivery experience

Large scale projects and complex conceptual requirements require a team-as-a-partner that understands both the delivery resource demands, as well as the conceptual scope development and organizational culture shift often needed.
Through planned digital disciplines we provide strategic insight into your operational excellence, how to get there, and what tools, strategy, and organizational requirements will be needed to reach your objectives.


Why Do Delivery Methods Matter?

Methodology are, at their core, philosophy. But they are rooted in decades of history, experience, and collaborative wisdom that has cultivated significant insight into how people work, how they understand concepts, timeframes, and best work towards goals most of all.

Remote Work Has Always Been a Thing

Remote Work Has Always Been a Thing

It's already started. The research was easy to see. Businesses with established and matured digital platforms, workflows, and cultures underpinning their businesses are in a place where they can continue operating, profiting, and generally keeping the lights on. Those that have not cultured their digital platforms and teams are in a place many can relate these days: disrupted or non-existent sales and sales-fulfillment processes that are separated from main marketing initiatives

Products & Services

Create, Cultivate, and improve your productivity, efficiency, and customer experience.

Bring together your ideal business toolbox for integrating your required real-time data, automating workflow, presenting key decision-making information to the right team members and customers when they need it most. Right now.

Franchise Website Management System

Control your brand, marketing and franchise management at a global, regional, and franchise level.

dbcEngine is the leading platform tool bringing you a powerful and flexible suite of content curation, syndication and territory management engines in one multi-regional, multi-lingual franchise software package you have control over your franchise for marketing and franchise management.


When You Control Your Franchise Websites, Your Brand Succeeds

Control precisely what parts of your online message is brand-standard and what is changeable for your Franchise Owners on their independent Franchise Website. Do they own this territory region, or share it? Is it mandatory for them to show corporate Press, or optional? Truth is, every instance is different and Franchise Management System has been designed from the ground up to be flexible for multiple business models and verticals. Need a modular approach? We address the flexible needs of Franchise organizations.