Web, Design, and Performance

Web, Design & Performance

Customers are expecting more from digital business interactions than just a website.

You can't just scale efficiency and delight with Web technology - you need both. The interactivity, integration of data and software are key foundations for profitability as well as user experience design in the momentusers engage your business or brand online.

Your business is not just a website, it's everything. We know that and we're here to help you get there - with web development and the platforms they work in designed for growth!


The Leading Approach to Websites, Design, Interactivity, Engagement, and Planning

Web technologies have evolved so much beyond "the website". Discussion and planning around digital business must focus on sales and conversions, but must bring efficiency and delight to your user experience for your customers and prospects, and also for your team. Web technology must be useful and meaningful to your users in the moment, but also the context of that moment that they are engaging with you. iTristan Media Group brings you the interactivity, integration, and experience in both design, data, and software as the key foundation on which scale and profitability can build. The Website is just one piece of how you grow.

Design, Interface: Building your User Experience

The First Four Seconds

Design principles, trends, and brand come together with device, screen, and audience context. How your visitors experience your business varies now even more, so we bridge that complexity to keep all stakeholders working together ongoing. Isolation derails, collaboration brings teams together.

Progressive Web Apps

It's not an app. It's not a website. It's a Progressive Web App.

When is an app not an app? When it's a Progressive Web App! The line between desktop and mobile continue to blur and blend. We've already seen it come together in mobile responsive code and design – it gets closer now with Progressive Web Apps. Create a meaningful mobile experience for your growing mobile audience, an app-like experience without the complexity or cost.

Layout Management Engine

Manage Your Layout, Manage Your Productivity


The world of pre-built themes has traditionally focused on an "all-in" model. That is to say, you get a theme; it does what it does; you use it as is, be happy.

What's that you say? You want it to do something else? Tweak it a little here and there? Whether that's going to be a solid experience or a slide into CMS layout hair-pulling-out anarchy is up in the air.

Technology We Work With

Technology decisions are as much about business as they are about technology. Even more.

Maximize investment through streamlining operational cost, speed, workflow, and security. Whether web-based, background application, or mobile app, we enable client operations to scale and perform at the highest level. Whether starting out, or expanding enterprise, Java may be a key player in your digital toolbox.