Web, Design, and Performance

Progressive Web Apps

It's not an app. It's not a website. It's a Progressive Web App.

When is an app not an app? When it's a Progressive Web App! The line between desktop and mobile continue to blur and blend. We've already seen it come together in mobile responsive code and design – it gets closer now with Progressive Web Apps. Create a meaningful mobile experience for your growing mobile audience, an app-like experience without the complexity or cost.

Technology We Work With

Technology decisions are as much about business as they are about technology. Even more.

Maximize investment through streamlining operational cost, speed, workflow, and security. Whether web-based, background application, or mobile app, we enable client operations to scale and perform at the highest level. Whether starting out, or expanding enterprise, Java may be a key player in your digital toolbox.

Scale: The Next Level

You want to grow. That's when scalability matters.

In most standard website configurations, it's often a very simple web architecture that powers the entire system. One server that takes visitor client (browser) requests and queries, manages its database responses, and sends back pages and data neatly configured and presented to the visitor. That’s it in a nutshell, not much more to it.
But what happens when you grow? Do you or your team have a plan for success and what happens then?


Feel Local. Be Global.

Feel Local. Be Global.

In recent months it's come to our attention some of the various digital businesses we've come into contact with, worked with or had some level of dicussion or exposure to their business. And of these businesses one thing has stuck out; businesses that shy away from engaging a global customer base eventually shrink or wither away.

The DDoS Lay of the Land: Hack Attacks, Zombies, Warehouses, and Moats.

The DDoS Lay of the Land

Imagine you have a warehouse. It has one front door for staff and customers and one loading bay in the back. You have a security company that rotates two security personnel to walk around the perimeter of the warehouse every hour and go inside the building to monitor the security system, cameras, and alarms.

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