Member Portal Management System

Control Your System, Control Your Brand 

Control precisely what parts of your online message is brand-standard and what is changeable for your Members and Regional Management. Assign Digital Rights to your members to give them just the right freedom they need. Do they own this territory region, or share it? Is it mandatory for them to show corporate Press, or optional? Truth is, every instance is different and Member Portal Management system has been designed from the ground up to be flexible for multiple business models and verticals. Need a modular approach? Please read on to see how we address the needs of a Multi-Branch organization.

Multi-Region Management, Globally Orientated

Different markets require a different hand. Different markets have different standards. Going global is not a problem. Regional management obey the rules of differing standards, language and content. Have regional offices managing a specific territory? No problem, you can have regional sub-management of a market with you running the show from the top.

Portal Management Integration, Up Your Efficiency Game

With the proliferation of quality SaaS specialty systems available today, the real value of a powerful operating model is not reinventing the wheel. It's working with the best suite of tools that you need to keep your financials as you know them, your marketing as you need it, and your intake workflow how you like it. With our modular approach to system building, Member Portal Management System is already built to scale out with eCommerce, or to your favourite CRM, ERP, or inventory system. In fact we may already have the integration you need.

Build to Order, Customize

Eventually, we all wonder: "What if I could have that data just show up over there? That would make my life so much easier.". The light goes on and we know what is going to make our own process that much more powerful and competitiveness that much stronger. Our customization team can build out this piece of your competitive puzzle, and through our Modular Application Development model, and their creative technical mindset, they have probably already thought of something similar and are just waiting to build your app, your integration, or your tool just as you need.

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