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    Point of Sale Integrated eCommerce


    Get in on the Ground Floor for Next Generation Automated-Product, Automated-Drop Ship ECommerce





What is the THIN RETAIL ECommerce Early Adopter Programme?

It's a Fastrack Process to accelerate development and release of the innovative Integrated Retail ECommerce THIN Retail for Automotive Programme.

M.E.S.A. Early Adopters will get the benefit of first access to the new technology and its benefits for retailers. Additionally Early Adopters get grandfathered preferred pricing for life – pricing that will never be offered again.

  • So what is THIN Retail for Automotive?

    Automated product import and order fulfillment for your product information and marketing-facing content.

    Product inventory information and content IMPORT into your point of sale and ecommerce website automatically and constantly.

    Your SALES push to fullfil and dropship automatically and constantly.

Auto-Import Product Information

Whether you have one location, store, pop-up shop or multiple warehouses you can sell it. All your customer information, inventory information, operational information, available everywhere, all the time! This multiplies your ability to sell by how much? Two times? Five times? Ten times?

Even better, display a location's specific available stock so your customers can choose to buy in person. If you've got it somewhere, you can sell it – no worrying about store transfers.

Auto-Promote and Sell Your Product

We think of Lightspeed Retail as a very powerful launching pad. From its fantastic base in retail operations we build customized management admin screens and functionality for a wide array of operational requirements.

Auto-Fulfill Your Sales to Drop Ship

Having the x,000 product skus from one of your stores online is pretty great. But having ALL your inventory from ALL your stores is HUGE! This is an order of magnitude difference in operational and marketing scale giving you a Google-facing footprint your competitors cannot compete with.

We think that's way better than pretty great.

keep your money until you've got a customer - money in the bag

Keep Your Money Where it Belongs

Save big on financing your business by changing how you acquire your inventory. Why spend on stocking large inventory until you actually have a paying customer? Thin Retail allows you to pay your suppliers at the time of sale when the transaction is ready to be fulfilled for only what has been purchased. Not weeks or months in advance for thousands of dollars of inventory sitting in your warehouse gobbling up interest rates for your bank.

What makes THIN Retail for Automotive so Great for M.E.S.A. members?

By having all your inventory content and information automatically "show up" in your POS and ECommerce website, you are saving thousands of hours of data entry. Even more, you can go to market immediately because your data is all ready to go.

 We're talking about tens of thousands and more, products – just there good to go!

But that's only part of it. Your orders will automatically be sent to the fullfilment house before you even have to buy the product.


Why should I be an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters get in on the ground floor. You'll be in on communications and discussions on development. You'll also get first access to beta releases if you choose.

We've gotten a lot of requests, interest and general curiosity around this capability since Summit 2017 in Sept so we've been researching and working through this programme ever since so as many members as possible could take advantage.

What's my cost benefit?

Startup Early Adopter fee is $995. Ongoing monthly fees will be discounted 75% in perpetuity for Early Adopters only.

While real pricing hasn't yet been finalized the lifetime savings is expected to be over 30% over two years and  

Are there any other requirements?

At startup the programme will require you to have a POS ECommerce Integrated Omnichannel ECommerce system with iTMG.

There is the possibility that a future version would be useable with other systems but has not yet been determined.

Why structure the Early Adopter programme like this?

The Early Adopter Programme model is a relatively common crowdsourcing method to jumpstart development in an area where many users have a common need for a specific product but need to organize and raise enough funding to justify the investment. In fact this kind of early adoption method predates crowdsourcing and evolved into it over time.

Are there any risks?

As with anything there are technically risks, but with this development we see the risks as small, here's why : 

  • iTMG already has inventory sync and syndication software; M.E.S.A. members already use it with the templated websites as well as POS ECommerce Omnichannel Integrated websites. We already know how to do this and have the technology
  • Sometimes timelines can be a risk when working with 3rd party services; things sometimes take longer than we had hoped; at the same time we have vetted major data partners and fullfilment services with the help of members and are comfortable (as members were) with their capabilities

So why do you need M.E.S.A. members? 

We prefer to have a known group who is committed like we are. We also welcome your input and experience. So we're happy to make it financially rewarding for you to participate.



Isn't it bad for Google SEO to have the same content others would have by using this same product information?



The answer is not really, but this is also not the point of the programme. This is a curation system. The point of the programme is to give you as much opportunity as possible to scale your business as fast as possible – to compete through ECommerce, through Amazon, EBay, any channels you can to increase your business reach to serve your customers.

Remember your ECommerce product content can be changed and customized all the time as much as you want. The system just gives you a huge leg up by getting all the grunt work done in advance – you tweak and give it your personality from there.

Our experience working with franchises as well as the M.E.S.A. templates websites is that most members' sites do just fine for SEO, evidence suggests that curated content done right, like this, is good strategy and good impact for you.

Do you require a minimum number of members?



We are looking for 7 members to begin. If there are more at one time we will consider allowing additional ones and reducing the entry fee.