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iTristan Media Group is a full stack software engineering development company that provides user-centric and business-focussed product design and engineering. We work with rapid-growth startups and enterprises to build mobile experiences that solve real-world problems for businesses and their customers. Our consulting scope and production agile process promotes transparency and especially encourage you input, insight and participation. Speeding up development and reducing your risk, is foremost our concern and has resulted in hundreds of applications released and growing.

Your User Experience will be central to customer satisfaction, joy and repeat business. We provide you with the team experience from Startup to Global – understanding that growing from scratch brings its own unique challenges, and expanding from established systems, cultures and teams also brings its own challenges. We work with your team to determine ideal growth model, version iteration and feature management to ensure that your business model is well aligned with your technical model.

Omnichannel Business

Always-on business performance is not restricted to ECommerce anymore. Omnichannel business expectations are everywhere 24/7; on the desktop, tablet and on our phones. Your brand user experience needs to be spot on all the time.

Regardless of your business sector, model or type, odds are your customers are experiencing your business and brand everywhere all the time. Our omnichannel-centric approach takes this into consideration every step of the way. From strategic development to technical planning and software deployment your customers omnichannel expectations are always on.

eCommerce Services

The User, the Device

Make sure your customers experience your brand the right way at the right time. 
We deliver high performance apps and application infrastructure to support every customer-facing and administrator-managed screen, site and page from mobile, to reader, to tablet, to desktop, the simple to out of the box thinking and complex business driven solutions to ensure your user base gets what they need when they need it.

Custom POS-ECommerce Integration

The Application

Your app is as much about the application as it is the user experience. We analyze your scope and workflow processes to ensure that your back-end applications, data and operations are fully behind your front-end delivery. UX and UI design, App development and QA analysis is coordinated with your team to ensure your business model and vision is fully executed.

Business model

The Business Model

Your Business Model is a work of art. It lives, it breathes, it grows and changes. And all the while it remains a work of art. So often it may not feel like it – just like art. There are challenges to your Business Model evolution and we are there to learn it, understand it, and help you to find its next masterpiece level through strategy, planning, technology, and execution.


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We work with your brilliant, audacious, simple, and huge ideas

and turn the Application Development Process into a real, working Digital Business

As mobile applications and usage become ever more prevalent, so do the demands and expectations of mobile app users. Omnichannel Operations are the default standard you’re expected to be delivering above and beyond what your users anticipate.

Our team of application and app engineers create frameworks and architectures that are rich in design, compellingly immersive in experience, and replete with all the bells and whistles your brand requires. While our engaging interfaces and slick aesthetics may enchant you, the real magic lies in streamlined internal processing times and cross-platform accessibility no matter what device it’s accessed from. As users continue to move from desktops to mobile devices, you can relax knowing your customers can still access the same brand-defining experience on-the-go. Our mobile application developers take pride in producing intuitive apps that reflect the desktop experience for brand continuity and reliability. Holler at us today to see how we can begin a collaboration on a mobile app project. Let’s get to work.

UX Integrity

We work with you to ensure that your end user experience at a brand level. Your responsive mobile experience is closely tied with your operational model. Our vetted and tested technical scope is tightly integrated with our feature building business analysis process ensuring an interface that not only looks stunning, but is functionally tied to performance success.

Extend and Integrated Oprations

Business Operations

Your customers' end experience requires operational integrity as much as it does user interface. Our Business Analysis Feature-Building process breaks down every aspect of your operation from an operational perspective to ensure that mobile UX is fully backed, and tied into a top performing administrative and automated operation. This is as much about your brand as UX or UI.



From Start

We take the UX, design and business requirements and work them with you into scope and development needs. Based on this analysis we complete a Scope of Feasibility Study where necessary, to determine the appropriate technology stack and detailed scope for the use-case, user, devices and long term business objectives.

Building and creating

To Finish

Our agile development process is highly collaborative and consultative to ensure a constant rhythm of analysis, development, review and adjustment. Tasks, in planned sprints of upcoming development are laid out in consultation with all stakeholders and executed within each sprint timeline. This agile  methodology and design and feature-driven philosophy has been shown to result in a project experience that meets your needs, and end user needs with no surprises.



It's all about you

Your model, your operation, your target, your use-case, you name it this is about the core essence of what you're bringing to the world with your vision. Whether you're a startup or working to grow to a new level, it's about creating the experience from the inside of your business all the way out. From operations to interactions, transactions to execution, design to collaboration; how do you want that special part of your brand to come out? Hint, it's way past just logo, look or feel. It's all of it; how your business flow makes your customers experience the best of your business.

client centred

Iterate, Execute, Evolve, Repeat

Your store is never closed. Neither is your evolution. We plan knowing that we are planning to plan some more. Your infrastructure application support, your app platform and device-specific support, and your API connectivity both internally, and externally where applicable. These form the backbone of your digital business that will make real connections online and share your business anywhere, anytime. We work to ensure you nurture them, support and grow them as the digital universe expands.

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    We blur the line between desktop and mobile, local and cloud, app and business