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Workflow Process AnalysisBreak down your information flow, human interaction, and process bottlenecks at their most fundamental.

Workflow Process Analysis deconstructs the basics of how information arrives, where it goes and how you deliver end results to your customers. Workflow Process Analysis assumes nothing except that there is always the possibility of doing something better, and finding it.

Workflow Process Analysis

Intake Information Breakdown
Internal vs External Touchpoints
Data Flow Analysis
Financial Flow Analysis
Deployment Process Review
Inter Departmental Communications
Communications Security
C-Level, Executive Interviews
Manager, Employee Interviews
Time & Resource Task Audit
Business Impact Analysis

More Audits

Bringing together Case Level Operations Practicality with Executive Level Goal Setting

Every business leadership team must create and execute on core goals and objectives, but things don't always work out in practice as they seemed like they would when setting out. Often the issues lie in the compexity and minutae of day to day operational process that just don't play out as well as planning showed they would.

Workflow Process Analysis deconstructs those items and processes that have often become entrenched in workplace culture that it has become incapable of seeing any other way of achieving the same goal, much less doing it faster with less opportunity for failure.

There is always a better way. Find it.

Even within successful and growing business, workflows grow beyond the ability of the existing team to handle incoming data, internal process and outgoing completion. And for struggling or early-stage business it is precisely the lack of even having a sufficient team to begin to handle your changes, your burgeoning success or opportunities, that makes optimized workflow processes so key to making the most of the resources you cannot afford to squander.


Workflow Process Analysis can help improve organizational structure and movement

You can generate more profits from the resources you have


Workflow Process Analysis for Communications


Your commmunication flows along multiple lines; client facing, internal, vendor and occasionally, a combination. When your business really starts to move, the rules and systems are more needed than ever for accountability in responses, clarity in staff expectation and most of all speed and excellent customer experience. Too often this is overlooked and left to staff to manually remember and share email accounts. We streamline your communication flow to bring you speed and a customer experience your customers will notice.

Systems Technical Audit Global Reach


Going global is so often thought of as a marketing operation. Your international operations are very much technical as well. Systems Technical Audits evaluate how your business logic is reflected in technical operations, security compliance and technical marketing strategy. With appropriate tools, multi-regional operations and compliance can be managed from single platforms, minimizing the amount of exposure to manual processing labour, compliance risk and optimizing cash flow and speed of information flow.

Systems Technical Audit for IT


Complete Workflow Process documention how much time and effort is spent on each task, as well as how much it costs a business to accomplish these tasks. Your lead stakeholders will be able to see what truly works and what processes are actually doing more harm than good or have become obsolete and could be improved.



Systems Technical Audit for Finance


The saying "every little bit counts" must have been coined during a Workflow Process Analysis. We have saved entire days per week for staff by measuring, documenting and streamlining how staff use their time. Add up 1 day per week for 1 staff member and you have upwards of 50 saved days annually. Apply this principle to other team members and your savings runs into the hundreds of days. What will you do with your saved labour dollars?

Grow your profits. Grow your brand.

Optimize who and how your work gets done. Enhance your brand by providing your client base with fast and accurate attention to their needs while continuing to maintain your human touch precisely where you need it.

And in the end, increasing revenue while strengthening your brand is a big win!


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